Mainers Together is about protecting Mainers during this crisis, but it's also about Mainers standing up for the kind of society we deserve. For far too long in America, we’ve let powerful corporations profit off our sickness and the drugs we need to get healthy. We’ve let the richest 1% and big corporations demand huge tax breaks while working people struggle to make ends meet. We’ve let some politicians claim that where we come from or the color of our skin makes some of our lives worth more than others. It’s time for all that to stop.

Now is the time for Mainers to unite across our differences and demand our local, state and national governments do everything possible to protect everyone’s health, no exceptions. The choices our government makes now to help us weather the outbreak of this virus can also set a better course for the future of our communities.

As a united force, we can unrig the rules of our healthcare system, our economy, and our society – today and for generations to come. By coming together, we can create a fair and comprehensive healthcare system that treats us all as equal and ensures we can get and stay well. Together, Mainers can lead the way.


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