The first thing we need to do is to assess our communities' most pressing needs. We may not know how to solve your problem right away, but letting us know what's happenening helps us find the right solutions.

Right now we may be able to help:

  • Connect you with government programs including Unemployment Insurance, General Assistance, SNAP and Medicaid. Let you know as new relief packages pass at the state and federal level that may help.
  • Connect you with volunteers in your region who may be able to assist with delivery of supplies, connect you with local food pantries and other services and check in regularly.
  • Provide some small amounts of direct financial assistance where desperately needed, as funding allows.
  • Work with you to advocate for a robust government response, making sure lawmakers know what Mainers are facing in order to create policies to solve the problems this crisis is creating.

If you are filling out this form for someone who doesn't use email, please provide your own email address instead and make a note in the additional information section.

We will be in touch as soon as we can!